2016 Santa Shuffle – Charity 5km event

This was our fourth year at the inaugural Santa Shuffle and it was definitely with a different goal in mind. Usually we show up in the freezing cold rain and run for the right to eat more turkey during the Christmas holidays. This year many of us, including myself, are no longer able to run. For various reasons, injury, age or just the fact that their knees won’t let them run anymore, we just don’t run. But this didn’t prevent us from participating. We showed up dressed for the worst and were pleasantly surprised to be given the gift of a rare, gorgeous Vancouver day. The sun was shining bright as we walked our 5km around the seawall.

I’m sure everyone has their own reasons why they come and join me in this event. For myself, I like the reminder that unlike so many, I am very fortunate to have legs that can walk 5km, a good job, and enough money to buy food and presents for my family at Christmas. Many aren’t as fortunate as this and trying to stay in shape isn’t even on their radar. They are simply trying to survive one day at a time.  I don’t kid myself and think that this walk and the small amount of money will change this life but it is one more day where we are reminded that the community needs to help one another and this is just one of the many ways I can help out.

If you read my 2014 Santa Shuffle post, my goal was to get 20 participants and win the prize for raising the most money and sadly I didn’t accomplish either. We had about 10 walkers and I’m not sure where we came with the fundraising, but it wasn’t first :(. I have a bit of work to do for 2017!



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