Kits Energy Cycling Club

Our focus is on building a community of cyclists with the technical expertise and confidence to enjoy any type of ride; whether it is Saturday morning social, a charity event, or a long distance fondo.

Our goal is to teach everyone in our club how to ride with confidence. This means that whether they are on their own or in a group, they have a solid foundation which consists of: being familiar with road etiquette, mastering basic bike handling skills and acquiring the fitness level necessary for their desired goal.

At Kits Energy we know what it takes to build that foundation and it represents the core of who we are. Our experienced team of NCCP certified coaches add to the rider’s experience by bringing their own specialty: track, crits, long distance/fondo, hill climbing, and triathlon. They will be able to answer all of your questions and guide you on this incredible journey towards your first or fastest cycling event next season.

If you are looking for more personal or additional coaching we also offer Private One on One Coaching, Online Coaching, and Personalized Indoor Training for those who are fair weather riders only.