What is your fitness goal? We can help you get you there!

Choosing the right personal trainer who can help you achieve your goals is the first step and an important decision. To help you feel confident with your choice we offer a no-commitment, complimentary 30-minute consultation so you can get to know us. The consultation will be either virtual or in-person depending on which service you are looking for.

Once you have decided that Kits Energy is the right fit for you, we will help you set realistic, attainable goals and work with you to safely achieve them. Your first training session will be a physical assessment. We will test your strength, agility, flexibility, coordination, and endurance to establish your baseline fitness and determine where your training begins.

With all of this information, we will design a personalized training program, tailored to your goals, fitness level, and ability.

Contact Kristina to set up your free consultation.