Grand Yeh

Grand Yeh
January 8, 2015

I met Kristina in 2009.  She was my triathlon coach for Team in Training, an endurance sport training program for charity, raising funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.  This was my first triathlon and I knew that proper coaching and mentorship was required in order for me to reach this milestone.

I was very blessed to have Kristina coach me for the 2010 Lavaman Triathlon in Kona Hawaii. She was knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive throughout the whole process.

What many people may not have known about me was that I was dramatically overweight when I first started my training. When Elaine and I first got married in 2007, I was well over 210lbs!  It was not until 2009, when our first son Christian was born that I decided it was time for me to do something dramatic about my health.  My father is diabetic and so are all of his siblings.  Living and seeing the health challenges diabetes brings to a family, I really didn’t want to repeat that in my own.

Working in our multinational family business is extremely taxing on my body.  With the constant travels and business engagements I didn’t pay a lot of attention to my health.  I always felt that I was too busy to exercise, putting my health and family at risk.

After doing my first triathlon with Kristina, not only did I lose 50lbs that year but I also gained a better understanding of health and nutrition.  I no longer made excuses to myself that I was too busy to exercise. I realized that by living a healthier lifestyle, I’m making an investment in myself and my family.

Now I have more energy throughout the day to play with my 2 boys (one is now three years old and the other is 18 months old) and take my dog Comet running.  I’m a lot happier and most importantly, I have an outlet to channel my stress.  I also find that when I’m more active, so are my wife and kids.  It all comes full circle and it starts with taking that first step.

In the past 4 years that Kristina has been coaching me, I have included the following lifestyle achievements to the list:

  • 2 Half Ironmans in 2012
  • 2011 RBC GranFondo Whistler – 122km
  • Personal best of sub 50min in the 2012 Vancouver Sun Run

Kristina has been a great coach and mentor for me.  At any time that I have questions, she is always there to provide me with detailed insights.  She will let you know it as it is and doesn’t sugar coat it.

We all need a coach and mentor for the different aspects of our life.  I highly recommend Kristina for anyone requiring an intervention, maintenance or motivation for their personal health and wellness.

Thanks Kristina! I can’t wait until the time is right and the kids are more grown up, so that you can coach and mentor me for Ironman Canada!