Jaya Muzumdar

Jaya Muzumdar
January 8, 2016

Year 2012 was a very special year for us! Our son, Neil got married in Hawaii and we had a reception for him in Vancouver. For this happy occasion we had guests from practically all over the globe, main amongst them were my mom and aunt from India. It was a very festive summer with lots of parties, invitations for dinners etc etc.

However at the end of the four months I found myself weighing a 162 pounds and not being able to fit into most of my clothing! Ouch!! That hurt!. I went for my physical after all the guests had left and there was more bad news!

My doctor warned me that I was up for diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and heart disease over the next ten years if I did not lose my excess weight “NOW”!! He advised me to get a personal trainer and also told me how to find one. At that point I had only heard about personal trainers with no experience of them nor had I ever entered a gym in my life!!

As my doctor had advised me, I came home and googled ‘Personal Trainer Vancouver’. Pop came a list of names, the first one of which was “Get fit with Kris”. I picked up the phone and a week later was at the gym having my first consultation with her. A week later I was at the gym training once a week. In the second week itself, I had lost 3 kgs and decided to stay with her, increasing my sessions to 3 times a week.

Three months later, I had lost 10 kgs, but went away out of the country for 3 months. I came back having gained about 3 kgs. My doctor had given me six months to get rid of the weight and asked me to come back for blood tests. A month after my return from India, I had all my tests redone.

And guess what?? All my readings had come down to normal. Blood sugar/pressure was now normal. HDL levels had risen because of the cardio exercises and LDL/Triglecerides levels had lowered. My ECG was absolutely normal. My doctor was amazed at what I had achieved in just about 4 months of training with Kris!!

I know for a fact that I could not have achieved this without Kris! Thank you so much, Kris for helping me achieve my health goals. Fitting into all my clothes, getting fit and strong, having more energy were some of the other side benefits of this training.

Another benefit is that now I not only have a personal trainer who looks after my health/weight goals but also have a friend whom I can talk and share things with!

I look forward to a long term relationship of friendship and training with Kris!!!