Walt Sutton

Walt Sutton
January 9, 2015

“Why wouldn’t you take care of yourself, you know, first?”

That was the question… Kristina asked me a couple of times, early on…..quietly, in between sit-ups, and pushups and squats…. “I’m just curious why wouldn’t you take care of yourself?” Now I’d be lying if I said anything other than – the question pissed me off!

Well, let’s see, I might answer… “Did you know I love butter? Did you know that I want to drink the ocean of wine and that I can’t live without chocolate gateau, blood rare boeuf avec fat? Hey, why are you asking this?” To which Kris would wrinkle her brow, smile and just say something like, “okay time for crunches”….

Sometime later, months later actually, because I am a slow learner, I began to realize that we, Kris and I, were having an extended conversation… a conversation about my experience with my body, with how I was really feeling and with the idea (or the possibility) that I could feel quite a bit “better” if I chose to… and if I chose, she could help – a lot.

Finally, as an angry hand gripping a rope slowly tires and releases, I began to hear her, and she began to show me… in the conversation, first an idea and then another. It was not a formula, not a set prescription, just a next step that might work… “How about this?” she’d say.

Personal Trainer… get it? Both words count! A personal trainer is someone who can learn about me to teach me about me, and help me be a better (healthier) me.

It has been a year and a half (off and on because I travel a lot for business), BUT today I can run for an hour and a half, cycle pretty fast for three, my knees and shoulder feel like I went to Lourdes (meaning they work and don’t hurt) and I am carrying 18 pounds less than what I was carrying before. And yes, just like the ad says, “I have tons more energy, each and every waking moment!” I learned all of this, in conversations (including pushups, one-armed rows, runs in the park, eating and drinking differently) with Kris.

So I have a question for you. Why wouldn’t you take care of yourself, first? I’d dreamed about feeling better – for years. What I was missing was the conversation, the coaching, to show me the steps between my old-state to a feeling-better-state. Living a dream is even better than dreaming it, trust me. And trust Kris – she really does know a lot about taking care of yourself. As I write this, the conversation continues because we (I) still have a lot to learn. By the way, I am a pretty pig headed ex CEO business owner who knows quite a lot about NOT taking care of himself that sometimes I feel sorrier for her than for me!