The only constant in life is “change”.

As we enter our 7th month of a global pandemic, I have learned that the only things that I can depend on are my attitude and my ability to change and adapt. Within weeks, my business completely flipped from seeing clients and groups face to face – to 70% online.

My dog, Naiya understands when I say, “It is zoom time!” She waits patiently as I train clients through a screen and when I am done, there is no commute, so we take an extra-long walk in the woods.

I have been a Personal Trainer and Coach for over 17 years and never once did I imagine that what I have now created, at Kits Energy Training, was possible. I am enjoying the challenge, learning how I can continue to help my clients, in new and innovative ways. I love the fact that I can train several clients at once, at a reduced cost to both them and me. And all of this is possible without anyone ever having to leave their home.

We are all missing the social aspect of meeting with friends, the support of a group, and accountability, but I am hoping that this time has been an eye-opener for many. Fitness doesn’t have to take up too much time or require any special equipment or space. And even when the world shuts down, nothing is more important than your health.

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