Jaya Muzumdar

I picked up the phone and a week later was at the gym having my first consultation with (Kristina). All my readings had come down to normal. Blood sugar/pressure was now normal. HDL levels had risen because of the cardio exercises and LDL/Triglecerides levels had lowered. My ECG was absolutely normal. My doctor was amazed at what I had achieved in just about 4 months of training with Kris!! I know for a fact that I could not have achieved this without Kris! Thank you so much, Kris for helping me achieve my health goals. There’s more…

Jaya Muzumdar Personal Training January 8, 2016

Catherine Osler

Without me realizing it, my easy walk/run program which was designed to get me moving at home or on the road, had brought out the runner in me – one step at a time. With wisdom, patience, compassion and thoughtfulness, Kristina worked with me in a way that was uniquely suited to me, my life, goals and abilities. There’s more…

Catherine Osler Personal Training January 9, 2015

Walt Sutton

…today I can run for an hour and a half, cycle pretty fast for three, my knees and shoulder feel like I went to Lourdes (meaning they work and don’t hurt) and I am carrying 18 pounds less than what I was carrying before. I learned all of this, in conversations (including pushups, one-armed rows, runs in the park, eating and drinking differently) with Kris. There’s more…

Walt Sutton Personal Training January 9, 2015


I was an exercise phobic, unmotivated, former smoker turned couch potato. The last time I had done any serious long distance training, was over 23 years ago, when I was definitely a lot younger, and definitely in a lot better shape! And so it started, the transformation was about to begin. Very slowly at first, tiny steps forward towards a gradual and painful recovery. Each day however marked a steady progression, regaining strength, appetite, fitness and endurance. Gradually the process speeded up and results started to show. I had the tremendous support and commitment of my dedicated trainer Kris. Constantly working on my schedules and training routines. Motivating and encouraging. Planning speed work, hill work and even volunteering to run with me a few times a week. There’s more…

H.A. Online Coaching January 8, 2015

Grand Yeh

After doing my first triathlon with Kristina, not only did I lose 50lbs that year but I also gained a better understanding of health and nutrition. I no longer made excuses to myself that I was too busy to exercise. I realized that by living a healthier lifestyle, I’m making an investment in myself and my family. We all need a coach and mentor for the different aspects of our life. I highly recommend Kristina for anyone requiring an intervention, maintenance or motivation for their personal health and wellness. There’s more…

Grand Yeh Online Coaching January 8, 2015

Meg Peters

I hired Kristina in the Spring of 2012 to coach me for my second Ironman Canada. My goal was to beat my previous year’s time and I knew that to do that, I was going to have to do some pretty specific training. I was a bit nervous…(b)ut Kristina put me at ease immediately. While it’s impossible for everything to go exactly the way you want it to in an ultra distance race like Ironman, Kristina’s program got me close to perfect…over half an hour faster than the previous year! There’s more…

Meg Peters Online Coaching January 8, 2015